Introducing the “Agenda Blog”

During the seven years of 1245 to 1252 a chapter of European history rather unforeseeably unfolds that ultimately develops a global influence. Had this been an exaggeration, neither had there been a conquest of the American continent, a discovery of Eastern Asia and China in particular nor a reformation in the realm of religion.

An while our first objective, as a publishing company, was to prepare the ground for an apprehension of the work of our authors, Pierre Maurice in particular as well as some others, we very soon discovered or rather suspected this culmination point of European history was almost forgotten.

We therefore decided to display, as it were, these – as we understand the matter – formative years of at least the European history in a complex product, both as a series of books and an online event. We do this in a three-level publication:

Level one being the “Agenda Blog”, a choice of events, background and descriptions of characteristics of those seven years in our focus. All ordered chronologically, the material may be both understood as a “calender” (which in Italian is “agenda”) and a database.

Agenda – A Quest for the Ultimate (

The “Agenda Blog” will be supplemented by an “Abstracts Blog” written solely by our author Pierre Maurice, depicting in very brief words the story of his fictional characters “Carolus” his sister “Anna” and their family and friends. The author decided to both translate his original manuscripts to English (as far as “Carolus” is concerned) and write about “Anna” in English in the first place. So, everything is supposed to form one consistent family saga in the end.

Abstracts – A Quest for the Ultimate (

As to “The End”: An end of the saga is not in sight yet. It may end with the – fictitious – death of its main characters. But, just as well, it may be continued with the next generation after them. This has not yet been decided upon.

A second supplement is in the planning phase, as this introduction is being written: A series of “basic Materials”, both freely available and paid, a an entrance door for the interested, the curious, the studious and the passionate about times and phases in the history of mankind.

Basics – A Quest for the Ultimate (

So, the last and may be most decisive point about it is the question: Why now? Why is this publicized now? What is the relation between thos “days of change”, 777 years before our time, and our days? The answer is hidden in the reader’s understanding of our present time.

It is all an encouragement to find out for yourself.

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