“Abstracts”: The Story Line

The abstracts have the idea of briefly introducing the course our fictional story takes. The contain links to more profound information about work and author. “Abstracts” in our context denote smallish hints poiting towards the course of the recount of Pierre Maurice’ “tales” about the fictitious family and its exponents in the second half of the 13th century and the first years of the 14th century.

Our “Abstracts” create a second level of apprehension (the epic view) which – in a certain distance to the factual level of the “agenda” view of the “real” historic timeline – brings one thing closer to the reader’s attention: The – fictitious – individual of times long forgotten but still somehow close to us. “Abstracts” will start almost reluctantly, but they are meant to steadily follow the course of the narrative for at least seven years.

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